Start-up Acceleration Camp

Our Acceleration Program

Our Start-up Acceleration Camp is an effective starting aid and accelerator for the development progress of your start-up. We support you in the seed phase with knowledge, coaching and networking. We also provide working space and resources to help you succeed faster in the market. In our camp, we provide intensive support, develop your business idea into a viable business model and your prototype into a marketable product. The exchange in our community helps you to profit from the experiences of other start-ups and to master the challenges of the early phase on the same level. Last but not least, you have the opportunity to present your business idea exclusively to potential customers and investors. By founding your company and successfully entering the market, you have mastered our Acceleration Camp.

Who we look for

  • Start-ups in the seed phase
  • Start-ups in the early founding phase

What you bring with you

  • 100% commitment
  • Technological or digital innovation
  • First prototype, PoC or MVP

Your journey with us


In the base camp, we provide you with the necessary equipment for the ascent and plan your way to the summit together.

During the first stage, we will be accompanied by cross-checks of the business idea, the verification of the product-market fit and the development of the business case.

After arriving at the first camp, we will reflect on the past ascent and plan the next steps together.


On the second stage a steep ascent awaits us. Based on the business case we have created, we will answer the core questions concerning the business idea and we will set up the business model.

Based on this, the financial as well as the business plan will be developed. With its completion, the second camp is reached and the final stage will be prepared.

Market Readiness

The final sprint is coming up. Together we will develop a market entry strategy and use pitch formats to establish initial contacts with potential customers and investors.

Finally, we will celebrate reaching the summit with a graduation event and prepare the start-up for their future.

Our performance promis

Hands-on support
  • Individual coaching
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Camp sessions

Network & events
  • Exchange at eye level between start-ups, medium-sized businesses and investors
  • Events for our community as well as the founder scene
Community & culture
  • Open exchange
  • Support by start-ups for start-ups
  • Mindspace for working creatively
  • Central location in Kaiserslautern
  • Modern, fully equipped offices
  • Access to meeting and workshop rooms
  • Carefree package includes everything you need
  • Hot Desks

Your way to us

You are motivated and meet our requirements? Then apply now! Send us a short description of your business idea. During a personal meeting we will evaluate the potential of your idea together. If its scalable and realizable while it has high potential at the same time, if you are innovative and sustainable and if you know how to convince as a team, let’s sprint together!

Apply now

Do you want to sprint with us? Then come to our Start-up Acceleration Camp! We support you to realize your business idea and accelerate your way to success.